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Choice Home Warranty And George Foreman Reviews

By Zurnain Jan20,2024
Choice Home Warranty And George Foreman Reviews

A home is a place where you feel comfortable and secured from most of the worldly matters. However, if you still haven’t got your house covered from the cost of unexpected repairs of their major systems and appliances, it’s time you should.

However, today’s article is not entirely about house warranty, but we will take a look at how choice home warranty and George Foreman are linked.

As we all know, George Foreman is a former renowned boxer. However, his collaboration with the home warranty has created a buzz in the industry.  The legend has collaborated with choice home warranty as a brand ambassador; he introduced furthermore trust and reputation to the brand name. 

His collaboration/partnership has highlighted the availability and distribution of authentic home warranties services for every house owner.

What is Choice Home Warranty?

Choice home warranty is a service provider contract that aims to offer protection to home owners in view of the cost of unlikely and sudden covered repairs of their major systems and appliances that break down due to wear and tear. The contract makes sure the house owner does not suffer from unexpected repair costs.

Choice home warranty is a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any delay of response. Therefore, anyone can easily reach out and know more details.

In addition, Choice home warranty offers its services throughout the nation keeping the utmost security and flexible customer dealing approach in mind. And when you know George Foreman has collaborated as a brand ambassador, the level of trust only becomes stronger than before.

In the home warranty sector, choice home warranty service with its round the clock available is something giving people a friendly approach to their problems.

Why to Select Choice Home Warranty?

Apart from its 24 hrs availability, choice home warranty is also offering its customers two dedicated and effective plans – the Basic Plan and The Total plan

The basic plan comes with the coverage of major home systems and appliances whereas the total plan also includes the coverage with household articles such as air conditioning and refrigerators. 

It readily covers the HVAC system (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to kitchen appliances of your house! With the sense of assurance you get the insurance of home appliances and protection against unlikely breakdowns.


With additional ad-on, you further get the reason to choose Choice Home Warranty for your house protection and safety against sudden breakdown. 

You can also make custom changes to the coverage plan depending on your house, and personal requirement in view of the details.

For instance, the ad one in the plan gives you the freedom to cover anything from pools and spas to well pumps! It gives you a detailed plan that goes just according to your home.

Affordability and Price Bracket

With the affordability factor you never get a reason to worry about breaking your bank! Choice home warranty is making sure you have the best tailored plan that is just right for your home coverage. 

The reasonable prices, transparency in the plans and details makes it a best offer for many house owners. The price in the plan usually gets decided depending on which plan you are opting for in the first plan. 

Apart from the cost of the plan you choose, the service fee/ additional charges are also quite reasonable and economical.

Get Discounts

What could be better than getting the discounted offer! With promotional offers, discounts and more Choice Home Warranty keeps up to maintain trust and quality service producers. 

While the prices of plans are already affordable the extra discount gives you more access to choose only Choice Home Warranty!


Can I Get Choice Home Warranty?

Yes, you can certainly opt for this service at any time. However, it’s very important for you to know the details, limitations, and exclusion in their plan. 

Therefore, always make sure you know what the limits are in the plan so that you can make a thoughtful move. 

You don’t need to get your home inspected either. However, it’s always best if you get things checked before claiming the home warranty so that things remain transparent.

If you know what isn’t being covered in the home warranty plan, you can timely ask for custom plan changes. Make the informed decisions and select your plan accordingly.

What Makes a Home Warranty Reliable?

If you are a house owner you surely want an affordable and the best service that covers house repair cost wisely.  However, when it comes to trust, you can easily be fooled by big claims.

Therefore, the involvement and collaboration of a popular American former professional boxer, entrepreneur, minister and author makes this certainly authentic and away from being shady at all.

George Foreman has promoted the company, bought credibility, and his presence makes customers certain about what they are opting for.

Is Choice Home Warranty and Home Insurance Same?

Is Choice Home Warranty and Home Insurance Same

No, choice home warranty is very much different from homeowners insurance. Therefore, you should always pay heed to the details, and the plan you are choosing. 

You should always make things transparent before picking any plan, as home warranty usually covers repairs and replacements of major home systems and appliances due to wear and tear. 

Also the pan also considers different factors such as age of your home, the reliability of your appliances, and your willingness to handle unexpected repair costs.

Is There Any Best Home Warranty Company?

Choice Home Warranty being the authentic and affordable service provider has topped the list of best home warranty companies. However, apart from that, American Home Shield is also a reliable name among customers that cater to their preferred demand, budgets and more.

When Does a Coverage Commence and Ends?

Once you opt for the choice home warranty, it begins 30 days after the enrollment and the receipt of applicable contract fees and continues for the period specified in your policy, typically 365 days.

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